Life at Athena

Our History

The first Athena Academic English center was opened in 2014 in Ningbo and since then we have developed centers across China, both on campus at our affiliate international school, HD, and in purpose designed centers off-campus. Founded as a solution to the problems that students and parents faced in their international school education, we now welcome students from a range of educational backgrounds, ages and levels. Our business growth has always been paired with our desire for academic integrity and our investment in people.

Our Philosophy

At Athena Academic English our philosophy is simple:

1. Our students will gain the language skills needed to confidently compete bilingually throughout their lives.

2. Our student-centered courses will teach students life-long learning skills that will help them in their education and beyond.

These simple philosophies consistently motivate us to develop high-quality leveled courses that allow students to explore language, culture, arts and sciences while learning academic skills such as reading, writing, discussion, presentation and evaluation.

Our Teams

Our teams are made up of both local staff and our international teaching team. They work side-by-side in our centers to deliver high quality classes that follow our Athena curriculum, and provide sales and after-sales services that let parents make informed choices about their child’s education. Our teams are passionate about education, excited about learning, and motivated by a challenge. If this is you, apply here!

Our Students

Our students are as diverse, unique and interesting as China itself. Ranging in age from 5 years old to teens, our students come with an interest in learning English, but leave with skills that will support them through a lifetime of learning. Our students are the lifeblood that runs through our centers, and creating a learning environment that engages and supports them through their journey with Athena is our main priority.

A Day at an Athena Center

Our students arrive at our Athena centers either after their regular school day ends, or on their weekends. Before their arrival it’s important for our teachers and staff to be fully prepared and ready to provide the best quality service. We schedule office hours throughout the week, and provide laptops to all of our staff so that they can effectively complete their daily tasks.

We hold weekly Center Meetings to keep our teams informed, and provide regular departmental or center-wide personal and professional development sessions to refresh and practice our skills or introduce new skills.

When students and parents arrive, it’s “Go!” time in the center. Our teachers engage our students in high quality Athena classes inside the classrooms, and assist our Operations staff in providing information and support to our parents outside the classroom.

Our teachers will tell you that one of the best things about being a teacher is that there is no “typical day” when teaching young learners. If you want more information or would like to join us, apply now!